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Coffee Shimmer Scrub | 200g  •  Body Wrap  | 4 Wraps  •  Oily Love | 100ml • Pink Konjac Sponge

Dreaming of beautiful skin that’s not just glowing but healthy and toned as well? Tone and Shimmer Body Kit contains the best BodyBlendz products to help you make that dream a reality.


Treat your body right with Tone and Shimmer Body Kit for that alluringly toned, smooth and shimmering skin. Get 40% off the retail prices when purchased as a kit!

  • Achieve the radiant, smooth skin that literally shimmers with one of BodyBlendz bestsellers: Coffee Shimmer Scrub.
  • Experience BodyBlendz Body Wraps with our exclusive Body Defining Formula for skin that’s firm and toned.
  • Seal in moisture and condition the skin with Oily Love’s exotic blend of nourishing oils.
  • Caress your skin with Watermelon Mitt that’s not only great for the application of BodyBlendz products but is an effective exfoliant as well.

Tone and Shimmer Body Kit Contains:

Coffee Shimmer Scrub

Nobody will be left looking dull. With gentle micro mica minerals, Coffee Shimmer Scrub will have your body literally shimmering. That’s right – not just deep clean and glowing but shimmering!

Body Wrap

We’ve got smooth, healthy skin all wrapped up! BodyBlendz Body Wraps are a safe, convenient way to reduce cellulite, stretch marks, and sagging, dry skin. Designed to target problem areas such as arms, stomach, and legs, BodyBlendz Body Wraps are infused with a Body Defining Gel Formula – an effective blend of natural ingredients including botanical caffeine, seaweed, green tea, peppermint and capsaicin extracts.

Oily Love

Stay extra soft & silky from day to night with this lavish blend of coconut, macadamia, olive, jojoba, and grapeseed oils, which are proven to improve overall skin quality while nourishing, diminishing dryness, and reducing wrinkles.

Watermelon Mitt

Another ‘sweetie’ to caress your skin, Watermelon Mitt. Use it for applying coffee scrubs or for washing them off. Soft and gentle, exfoliating gets a notch more fun with Watermelon Mitt.